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Last night I slept through the entire night.  While that may seem normal, for the last few years I have been waking up every couple of hours.  When I woke up this morning, my first thought was wouldn't it be funny if I had slept through the night and found I had.  So do you think it was the earthing?


Buckeye, AZ

I used my mat for my first massage client today.  It was AWESOME!  The client has a difficult time walking and usually can hardly get off the table and walk to the bathroom.  Not so today.  She hopped down off the table and walked to the bathroom with ease.  She said it was the best massage ever and I have been working with her for 10 years.  Did I say it was AWESOME!  It was!


Dallas, TX


When was the last time you walked bare foot across beautiful lush, green, moist grass?  How did it make you feel?  It probably felt wonderful to your feet and whole body.

When was the last time you walked bare foot along the ocean in the soft sand?  How did that make you feel?  It again probably felt wonderful.

Both of these examples are "grounding".  Most of us can not walk bare foot across a grass lawn or along the ocean on a daily basis or whenever we want.  So, what can we do to receive those wonderful feelings?  We can ground our bodies inside the house using products from a company called Earthing.  They have developed a line of products to be used at home while sitting watching TV or reading on the couch, sleeping, or wherever or whenever we will be still for a while.  I like to sit in my easy chair and have my earthing mat at my feet.  The invigorating energy of Mother Earth pours into my body and it feels wonderful.  I sleep on a half sheet and the sleep is refreshing.  With grounding you can

If you wish to share your story about Earthing, please let us know.


I used my Earthing mat for the second time last night.  It was the best sleep I have had in years.  I did not even get up during the night to go to the bathroom.  Usually I get up at least 3 times during the night.


Sun City, AZ

What is Grounding?

You don't have to live next to the ocean, go out in the cold or heat to walk on lush green grass.  You can ground yourself in the convenience of your own home.  Check out this website for a full line of "EARTHING" products.