This book by Diane Stein is a great resource book.   She provides information about all three levels of Reiki.

This book is by Frank Arjava Petter, a Reiki master practicing Reiki in Japan.  It traces the origins of the Usui Reiki back in time through meetings with his descendants and climbing the holy mountain of his enlightenment.


Something to do for FUN and be CREATIVE: 

Here are a few books interesting books about Reiki  (Please note:  They do have Amazon Affliate links included.)

This book by David Pond explains Chakras in a simple and practical why.  It provides exercies, meditation and more.

This book by Cindi Dale (no relation) expands the seven-chakra system to thirty-two.  It includes the energetic bodies and fields found nowhere else. 

You can paint rocks!  Then you hide them, give them away as gifts or as a "job well done" to service people, etc. You infuse the rocks with love and use them to spread kindness.  Check this website:  Infused Painted Rocks #IPR

Or FaceBook Group at:  Infused Painted Rocks FaceBook Group

Deuter has composed this music to allow the spirit of Reiki to unfold heling the body, mind and spirit.

Here are some CDs to playing when doing a Reiki treatment or mediation. They provide a beautiful background.  Most have a bell sound about every 3 minutes to signal a change in positions.

Laurel Reiki

Reiki Healing Hands provides music to support meditation and a spiritual environment.  It is relaxing and stimulated the heart chakra.