"Past, Present, Future" Reiki Art Poster $9.95 + $6.00 shipping and handling

"The Opener" Reiki Art Poster $9.95 + $6.00 shipping and handling



"Master" energy is used to heal in the spiritual or soul level.  The "Master" works in the spiritual body to heal before dis-ease can manifest in the physical body.  The "Master" is used to open students and connect them to source.  This symbol expresses the godhood within.



"Grounded" depicts the lightening bolt.  As lightening always goes to the ground, "Grounded" helps your energy to come  back down to earth.  This symbol helps clear and stabilize your thought patterns and brings them back into the reality of earth.

"Principle of  Love"

"Principle of Love" energy is used to promote healing on an emotional and mental level.  This symbol helps release the negative emotions that can cause dis-ease.  It awakens and purifies, re-patterns the brain and heals the mind-body connections through the subconscious.  It can help with relationships by attracting love.  It helps to promote love for self first.  Then love from another can be appreciated.  It brings divinity into human energy patterns.

"Principle of Love"

"Past, Present, Future"

"Past, Present, Future"

"Past, Present, Future" energy transmits Reiki healing across distance, time and space.  This symbol heals the past, present and future.  It is used to direct healing to continue and repeat at designated times.  The Universe knows no time limitations.  It just is.  this symbol can be used to heal trauma of the past, stabilize the present and empower  the future.

"The Opener"

"The Opener"

"The Opener" energy is used to open you to the energy of Reiki so you may receive the healing benefits of Reiki and also send the energy of Reiki on out into the world to any one receptive to receive the energy.  "The Opener" helps to open you to the bounty of the Universe so you can receive Abundance, wealth, Prosperity, Money, Happiness, Joy, Peace, Well Being and every good thing.

Symbol within Crystal Series:

This series consist of 5 original paintings depicting a Reiki Symbol within a quartz crystal.  The paintings and the posters have been infused with Reiki energy.  The poster is printed on 12" x 16" slick poster paper perfect from framing or hanging as is.  You may purchase one in the series or all 5 posters.  The posters and artwork have been infused with Reiki energy by Reiki Master/Teacher, Laurel Dale.  The posters would be perfect to hang in a treatment room, exercise room, yoga room or anywhere you would like to have the Reiki energy.   PLEASE BE PATIENT THE PHOTOS MAY TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO LOAD!

Reiki Art

Reiki has inspired me to create Reiki Art.  This is intentional art.  When a person looks at this artwork it is my intent they receive Reiki energy.  Reiki is a wonderful healing energy that can help people on many levels.  The Reiki Art found in the "Symbol within Crystal Series" incorporates those various levels.

"Principle of Love" Reiki Art Poster $9.95 + $6.00 shipping and handling

"Symbol  within Crystal "

5 Reiki Art  Posters

"Master" Reiki Art Poster $9.95 + $6.00 shipping and handling

Laurel Reiki

5 "Symbol within Crystal" Series Reiki Art Posters $44.95 + $8.00 shipping and handling

"Grounded" Reiki Art Poster $9.95 + $6.00 shipping and handling