Laurel Reiki

A Reiki Healing Stone is created especially for you. 

When I get your request, I need your full name, some favorite colors and if you want something special on your stone.  I spend some time looking at pictures that will fit you, colors and situation.  Spirit is a big help in this process!  Then the right stone is chosen.  I use the beautiful Santorini Rocks.  They are lava rocks from Greece which are naturally white with sparkling specks in them.  The stones are about 4" to 7" tall and are flat on the bottom so they stand up.    Underneath the painting, I put Reiki symbols on the stone, goals and finally your full name.

Then the painting is started.  It usually takes several days as the paint is layered.  I lean back on my DEVA Silk Scarf and mediate about the stone, colors and you!  I am out of the way.  Spirit is telling me what to do.  I am the flow & I am the tool.  Many times I can feel Spirit guiding my hands as the painting is created.  Sometimes I will let the Stone sit over night, as I will receive messages about what to paint. 

Then I can come back with new eyes and see additional things to create.  During this process the stone comes to me and gives me the name for the stone.  Each stone is named, numbered, signed & infused several times.  I put my hands over the stone and blow into it the Reiki symbols, love and anything else used to complete it.  Many times I wake up during the night and receive answers about the things on the stone.  I add a heart which is a sign of the love infused.  Then a healing hands pendant is added.  Once the stone is complete, it is sealed with resin which will harden and help the stone last forever.  It is infused again to seal it.  The energy is set to help with healing forever. 

The cost of each Reiki Healing Stone is $30. plus flat rate shipping. Payment is made by PayPal.

If you would like to order a REIKI HEALING STONE, please complete the request form below and I will contact you about it.

Examples of Reiki Healing Stone