Laurel Reiki


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing modality that uses the energy of God, the Universe or Source to promote healing.  This healing energy can be used on any level:  physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  When Reiki is used it know where to go and how to heal for the better good. 

Reiki is a Japanese word.

Reiki is pronounced "Ray-Key".

Rei is the Japanese word meaning universality and is also a reference to the higher dimension of light and the soul.

Ki is the Japanese word meaning the vital life force energy which interpenetrates and connects us all.

Rei = universal

Ki = vital life force energy

There are many forms of Reiki and all have the same basic premise.  They utilize the universal vital life force energy to promote healing or restore balance of bring a being back into ease from dis-ease.  Reiki was rediscovered by a Japanese man Dr. Mikao Usui which is why the Japanese name.  He was a healer in a modality that required him to deplete his own energy in order to heal.  While mediating he rediscovered Reiki.  The word rediscovered is used because at one time centuries ago we had the ability to heal ourselves.  During the years we turned to others to provide healing for us and forgot that wonderful ability.

When you learn Reiki you tap into the forgotten knowledge.  This is accomplished by an attunement process.  All forms of Reiki have an attunement which opens you to the energy and reconnects you to the source of the energy.