Laurel Reiki

Here's what our clients are saying...

Thank you for working with L.  I saw her later Saturday night and she said she thought the Reiki treatment was "amazing," "fascinating" and "very helpful."  She told about feeling energy around her cancer sites and questioned me about whether I had told you where her "hot" spots were located.  I assured her that I had not and that this was strictly your skill and the energy you channeled into her at work.  What impressed me most about L. Saturday night was that she radiated power, energy, fearlessness and an overwhelming sense of peace about her future and the days to come.  That night, we had a wonderful conversation and I left Phoenix feeling confident that L. can handle whatever lies ahead.  Thank you for this gift.  L. is a strong woman, but that strength had ebbed away in recent years.  It's good to see it back. 

L.M. from CA

 I love the calendar.  I will enjoy it every day for the next year


Dallas, TX

Thank you for sending Reiki, I passed the test! 


Phoenix, AZ

I got the job!  Today was my first day. It was the best day of my life!  I sold 40 units and my customers love me!  I feel like I am really helping people!  Thank you, Reiki and Laurel!  I am so happy!


Peoria, AZ

My grandson was moved out of ICU.  He is breathing on his own and talking.


Dallas, TX

My friend, J. in M.L. was originally diagnosed with breast cancer at 0 to 1 which is very small... When they did the surgery last Friday, the biopsy came back benign...  Thank you so much for all the healthy energy and prayers.


New River, AZ